No matter what topic concerns you, there is a meaningful order for everything.

People in their second spring want to feel liberated. The children have moved out, leaving behind many items, toys, etc., in their old bedrooms and/or in the cellar. The house or apartment is filled with mementos, children’s things, or well-preserved non-essentials. Everything is too cluttered – where and how do you even begin to create space? What do you want to keep?

With empathetic and experienced assistance, we together declutter your home. Well-preserved non-essentials are passed on to charitable organizations, bringing joy to others and giving you space, tranquility and a cosy home.

Perhaps you yearn for a cosy and smaller home. What will you need? How do you approach this? Doing it alone feels challenging and overwhelming? Of all these things, what matters to you? This is about decluttering the unnecessary, sorting cherished items, and packing important favorites.

I actively support you in figuring out what you need and love for your new home. You are well-prepared for your move, and everything important is in your baggage.

Space, lightness, and a reassuring feeling are your rewards.


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