Marika K., Frankfurt: I’m so glad I found Kerstin. Our basement was very small and extremely cluttered. It was the most dreaded area, and we couldn’t find anything anyway. I have to say, I was skeptical about whether Kerstin could help us because I consider myself to be very well-organized and structured. But I’m glad we booked Kerstin.

She was worth every penny! The 4 hours we spent together were fantastic. She took the time to ask questions and truly understand our problem. Her structured and professional approach transformed our small basement into a super organized space! There are no more arguments about who has to fetch something from downstairs! I highly recommend Kerstin’s services and I will even offer her services as a gift to my overwhelmed friends!

Anna F., now based in Washington DC, US: Look no further! Kerstin is a natural home organizer who helped me organize and tidy up my apartment when I lived in London, UK. She had a practical, no-nonsense, and fun approach to achieving my goal, and she did it with kindness and flair! After she helped me reach my objective, several areas of my life fell into place; I got my dream job and relocated to the US. It is important not to underestimate what an organized home can do for your mind and mental health! I cannot recommend Kerstin highly enough. Thank you again for this wonderful gift, Kerstin.

Anne S., Bonn: My best birthday gift in 2022 was the visit from Kerstin. She deconstructed, decluttered, and reorganized our kitchen with me. Everything was thoughtfully sorted and put back into cabinets and drawers with structure. Many things were also let go of. Kerstin does this with a lot of empathy, calmness, clarity, discretion, and organization. Her tips still help me today to create and maintain order in other areas as well. I now walk through the house with a slightly different perspective – our heartfelt thanks for that!

Anja W., Düsseldorf: Kerstin’s kitchen organization has taken a huge load off my shoulders. I always intended to tackle it myself and “someday” get it done, but I never found the time. With Kerstin’s support, everything suddenly became so much easier! Kerstin coordinated everything perfectly in advance, so the on-site implementation was well-prepared and absolutely efficient. She considered all my wishes with great appreciation and found the appropriate and easily implementable solutions for every problem. Now I have a perfectly organized and presentable kitchen that makes cooking enjoyable every day. Because everything is perfectly resolved, chaos doesn’t stand a chance afterward, and it remains just as “clean” as Kerstin left it. Simply fantastic!

Alia B., Frankfurt am Main: Kerstin not only brought order and meaning to our basement but also gave us many other impulses on how to create space and simplify our lives. She is very thorough and conscientious, puts a lot of thought into the project beforehand and during, and has great ideas that seem simple in hindsight but we would have never come up with ourselves. And it was fun too! Thank you for that! I can imagine that your work is inexhaustible!

CEO, international Asset Management Company, Frankfurt: Thank you very much for helping me re-organizing my office… New arrangement of desks and chairs, small but multiple changes on the main desk and some new tools have made a big difference. I have followed your advice and I feel „cleaner“ and more organized in my office. Thank you so much for your support.

K.M., Vice President, Frankfurt: Recently, I moved into a new office. The acoustic quality was very poor with a lot of reverberation and echoes. Kerstin initially visited the site to get a personal impression, and then she came to me with a variety of suggestions. In the end, a high-pile carpet and carefully selected plants not only significantly improved the acoustics but also created a cozy atmosphere. Now, I enjoy going to the office even more :-).
Thank you, Kerstin!

Derek T.,Frankfurt: My workshop was always a bit chaotic. I’ve often moved things back and forth myself, but that hasn’t worked, it just remains chaotic. There was always something that wasn’t where I was looking for it. But now, under Kerstin’s guidance, this has finally been achieved. Everything has its own place and is quickly at hand. This had saved me so much time on my project that I just completed. I didn’t believe it at first, but I actually felt more creative. I was surprised at how much more space there is even though I only got rid of a few things. Thank you, dear Kerstin, for guiding me through this!