Professional Home Organiser and Decluttering Services by Kerstin Andersson

I offer a bespoke professional home organising and decluttering service for people and businesses to achieve their individual organising goal.

I love to create structure at home and/or at work, and to see how it significantly improves the lifes of others. Emotional relief, feelings of happiness and lightness settle in, and the burden is removed! These experiences have shown just how important an organized and more structured environment is for mental well-being.

People often feel internally trapped and overwhelmed when their external surroundings are chaotic. This overwhelm can lead to lack of motivation, frustration, sleep disturbances or even worse.

With an empathetic approach, I aim to meet people where they feel overwhelmed or stressed, and to actively support them in achieving their individual organizational goals. With order and sense, they will feel relaxed, liberated, and proud of their homes!