• The basement is so untidy that we cannot find anything – we even argue about who must go downstairs to fetch something.
  • The thought of the basement makes me feel stressed and overwhelmed, there’s no way through. Everything is hoarded – just in case we might need it again.
  • The children are moving out and leaving their childhood things behind.
  • The belongings of a loved one are kept in the basement – for remembrance.
  • Tools are scattered everywhere – we’ve lost track of them, and it is annoying.

Here, there is partly an emotional processing and physical reduction taking place.

Everything gets its designated place, creating order, overview, and peace. Everything is tailored to the individual needs of the clients. You will be surprised by how much free space you gain through proper organization – even without extreme downsizing!


Basement | Garage

Kitchen | Pantry | Utility Room

Children’s | Teenagers’ Room

Business Office | Home Office

Living Room | Bedroom

Other | Preparation for Relocation | Downsizing for a smaller Home