About me

  • Kerstin Andersson, aged 50 plus, professional organizing expert
  • Order and structure are my passion – they provide me with tranquility and energy.
  • I refer to over 20 moves, between flats and houses, including various kitchen designs, as my personal projects

  • My state-certified expertise as a home economist, along with years of experience as a nurse, enable a meaningful and competent implementation of your organizational project.
  • For over 10 years, I have been assisting clients in Frankfurt, Germany, Sweden, and internationally, helping them feel organized and relieved. In doing so, I create time-saving functional processes – both in private settings and within businesses.

  • As a passionate hobby cook, I enjoy inviting friends over for dinner.
  • In German, English, or Swedish language, I enable your order and structure.

  • I actively support you in reducing, organizing and creating free space.

More details about me

That’s me

Kerstin Andersson, born and raised in Trier. This is where I completed my training as a state-certified house economist and a registered nurse. I have lived through various relocations and professional activities in Saarbrücken, Frankfurt, London, Munich and back to Frankfurt.

Creating order is my great passion! It provides me with peace, energy, and above all, room to breathe.

For many years now, I have been assisting clients in reducing, sorting, structuring, and creating open space – it is simply wonderful to see how their lives improve considerably afterward.

“Ordnung und Sinn” (Order and Sense) has its origin 2012 in London. During a visit to my stressed and exhausted friend, whose apartment was engulfed in chaos, we embarked on a joint tidying-up action. As a result, she not only felt physically organized but also experienced an inner sense of order. Shortly after, her deepest wish came true – she received an offer for her dream job. The search for that job had been the origin of the spatial chaos.

As a certified home economist, I have internalized processes, procedures, and structures in various households. My work as a nurse has taught and strengthened me in being mindful, empathetic and fostering trust.

The countless moves as well as various kitchen plans and their implementation have solidified my knowledge and intuition for organization, order, and structure.

In my spare time, as a passionate hobby cook, I enjoy inviting friends over for meals.

I’ve found my second home in southern Sweden, between Trelleborg and Malmö. I spend a lot of time here, both for work and leisure.

Warmest regards,
Kerstin Andersson